The story of my first major home renovation in San Francisco. Watch as my pink mid-century home is transformed…one choice at a time.
I’ve given 100’s of clients advice on colors, what’s trending, good resale choices... and now it’s my turn. Oh, and I’ll
still be helping people buy and sell homes, shuttling my kids around, and having some fun!

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Garage upgrade

Sheer wall, sheet rock… Garage is looking good. Sprinkler system is in but still waiting on that inspection by the city. Can’t wait til we have an organized garage!


New front door. New baseboards going in. New Sheetrock around office window. Every day but 2-3 days there has been someone working on the project- that is what you want to see from a good contractor!

Speeding Up

All of a sudden it feels like things are moving fast! Kitchen cabinets will be in today. Tile arrived and bath walls being tiled now. Waiting on the radiant floor pads before bath floors can be done. Interior doors being hung. The end is in sight!

Cabinets are here

Putting kitchen together will really make the house feel like we are getting closer! Like my cabinet choice- don’t love it- but sometimes love is out of our budget!

A New View

A new view can be found through the 22 new windows and doors! What a difference they make and I’m so glad we spent more money to get the modern Windows. Mid century houses have so many windows and such little exterior ornamentation & detail, that Windows become the focal point. Let see how we feel when project is complete.  

22 Windows are here!

Hooray- the 22 windows are here! Once these are installed, we really will have left 1950 for good! Although delayed a bit, i think it will be worth the wait. They look huge and what’s crazy is that 5 windows we actually shrunk the size so that they’d be 36 inches off the floor. Installation starts next week- stay tuned for more photos.

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I almost cried…

…because the new sheet rock is so darn gorgeous. As our contractor reminded me, it is level 5…the best! It makes such a difference having a blemish free, bump free, crack free, nail-hole free, texture- free, dog-scratch free,  glorious new sheet rock! We are on the upswing and the end is in sight. SOOOOO excited! See the photo- exactly- you can see nothing!