The story of my first major home renovation in San Francisco. Watch as my pink mid-century home is transformed…one choice at a time. I’ve given 100’s of clients advice on colors, what’s trending, good resale choices... and now it’s my turn. Oh, and I’ll still be helping people buy and sell homes, shuttling my kids around, and having some fun!

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Slab Heaven

First time to IRG to look at slabs. Still torn between quartzite and a Quartz composite- one does better with red wine spills and one with hot pots- I’m guilty of mishandling both!

Measure twice, cut once

Kitchen cabinet maker came onsite yesterday to measure & finalize the plan. What I appreciate is that every specialist shares their ideas because they frequently know better than the contractor, architect and me since they are such a specialist. So, kitchen plan tweaked a bit & ordered! 8 weeks out…



Thankful for Wise Counsel

Windows and doors ordered! That is a big relief since turnaround is about 8 weeks. Albert at Bonelli was awesome to work with and gave me ideas neither I nor our architect had considered. He’s a genius for modern Windows and I highly recommend him! From type of glass to hinges, levers, kick plates and alignment- call him – Bonelli!