Measure twice, cut once

Kitchen cabinet maker came onsite yesterday to measure & finalize the plan. What I appreciate is that every specialist shares their ideas because they frequently know better than the contractor, architect and me since they are such a specialist. So, kitchen plan tweaked a bit & ordered! 8 weeks out… 





Game On!

After many concessions, changes, and a reluctant agreement to sprinklers, we have the permits! I’m getting a better understanding of why so many folks do un-permitted work…although on a job this size, it would not be a good idea but the hassle and expense are significant! 


Sink envy

Saw this sink at a fabulous house on broker’s tour this morning…then got a call from our architect that we have too many sinks in the house for our current water main capacity. Lose a sink? Pay 5k for upgrade? Bye bye sink! 


Waiting Isn’t Easy

The pink house is empty and we are ready to demo. All we are waiting for are permits…good news is that the head of permitting waived off on the 2011 abatement issue. Hopefully no more permitting issues today. In the meantime, unpacking at “the beach house”…