22 Windows are here!

Hooray- the 22 windows are here! Once these are installed, we really will have left 1950 for good! Although delayed a bit, i think it will be worth the wait. They look huge and what’s crazy is that 5 windows we actually shrunk the size so that they’d be 36 inches off the floor. Installation starts next week- stay tuned for more photos.

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Watching the men at the stone slab yard is amazing. Moving the slabs is heavy, delicate work and picking mine out was fun! Luckily I know what I like.

Thankful for Wise Counsel

Windows and doors ordered! That is a big relief since turnaround is about 8 weeks. Albert at Bonelli was awesome to work with and gave me ideas neither I nor our architect had considered. He’s a genius for modern Windows and I highly recommend him! From type of glass to hinges, levers, kick plates and alignment- call him- Bonelli!


Too many decisions!

From tile which ranges in price from $6-$100 a square foot to picking the kitchen sink, too many decisions in this operation! And there’s a learning curve for each item- sinks: curved or sharp corners, depth, quality of stainless steel, noise transfer…the list goes on. I now understand why your 2nd or 3rd renovation is so much easier! 


Open the Window

Another lesson learned! Received all of the bids for our windows and the bids range from 20-60k- wow that’s a big delta! Learning new brand names and about Title 24 energy conservation requirements. Whatever we choose- it will look better than this! 


Inset, overlay, oh my!

Kitchen cabinet shopping has been a bigger education than I imagined. So many more decisions about the actual construction – all I want to do is pick colors and organize the interiors! When I started the process, I thought we would choose contemporary- looks like they’ll be more classic- tbd! No matter what- it will be better than this…