The story of my first major home renovation in San Francisco. Watch as my pink mid-century home is transformed…one choice at a time. I’ve given 100’s of clients advice on colors, what’s trending, good resale choices... and now it’s my turn. Oh, and I’ll still be helping people buy and sell homes, shuttling my kids around, and having some fun!

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Measure twice, cut once

Kitchen cabinet maker came onsite yesterday to measure & finalize the plan. What I appreciate is that every specialist shares their ideas because they frequently know better than the contractor, architect and me since they are such a specialist. So, kitchen plan tweaked a bit & ordered! 8 weeks out…



The Doctor is Here

That would be the circuit Doctor! It is so comforting to see all new electrical going in especially since when they opened the ceilings they found there had been some small electrical fires with the old wiring- scary! Did a walk thru and realized we need to add 20 more outlets – life in 2016 is a wee bit different than in 1950!


It’s so nice to see progress! We are 5 weeks into the actual construction and things are really progressing. Demo, leveling of floors, and now framing is almost complete. The garage level layout now makes so much more sense- New laundry room, office, 4th bedroom (although SF won’t let us call it a bedroom) & new bath. Plus our 1950 heater (original to the house) was finally removed- it was the size of a bathroom! Ahh- The sweet smell of saw dust!

Stairway to Heaven

One of the biggest motivators for renovating- besides hideous kitchen & baths & drafty windows- was our dangerous, narrow stairs. Noah and I fell down together. Poor Lucy fell down. Sam fell down. So, before someone injured themselves beyond bruises and scrapes- a new wider stairwell joining the 2 levels is in order. And the framing has begun!


Back half of our house had a bad slope in the floors- 2 options were to jack up the back of the house or to rip up all the floors, put down a leveling compound, then put in new floors. We are going with the 2nd option because it’s both cheaper and won’t open up more cans of worms! Photo of our master bedroom…