The details

The list of to-do’s is still long but the moving truck is booked anyway! As long as the dust has been cleaned up, we are moving back in less than a week!

Focusing on the end goal

Lots of great progress- running water in sinks, master shower glass installed, mirrors in master up, more doors up, etc. Trying  not to look at the 20 small holes in the wall where they look for the outlet the sheet rock guys accidentally buried…and not just one! The marks in the freshly painted ceiling where the speakers got shifted, etc. 14 days to go!

Hurry up already!

Finishing up interior paint. Hanging doors. Installing door hardware. Installing light fixtures, outlets, light switches. Installing toilets, faucets. I am ready for the finished product!


The countdown is on! 21 days til we move back. Lots happen in the last couple weeks- interior paint, cabinet hardware install, door knob install, building a desk, etc. Salivating to move back…

Garage upgrade

Sheer wall, sheet rock… Garage is looking good. Sprinkler system is in but still waiting on that inspection by the city. Can’t wait til we have an organized garage!