Goodbye Pink House

Hello gray exterior paint! We wanted to go a little bluer but with the red  brick which we aren’t ready to paint yet, blue didn’t look as good as gray did. Just happy to bid pink adieu.

Pulling Wire

Well, I had decided to save some $ by not putting speakers in the ceiling until my friend smacked me on the head, told me I had to, and to go sell another house to pay for it! So, our friend and audio expert Randy, was there today with his crew & our wiring is in and we are ready for insulation & sheet rock. Need major audio help or another Sonos speaker? Contact Randy or go by his store- AudioVision


I now understand why every renovation costs more than budgeted! Is it my caviar taste? No- it is code issues one can’t plan for. From having to sprinkle part of the house to now having to remove all of the Sheetrock on exterior walls because in 1950 they used 1/2 inch and current code requires thicker. Cha-Ching….Bright side is most of framing in good shape which means our stucco working! 


Sweet Smell of…

Copper plumbing! After 3+ years  of not being able to flush a toilet while someone else was showering, we so look forward to all new copper plumbing. Our old plumbing was ripped out and the new is going in. Can’t wait for our new showers with good water pressure! 


Slab Heaven

First time to IRG to look at slabs. Still torn between quartzite and a Quartz composite- one does better with red wine spills and one with hot pots- I’m guilty of mishandling both!



Of the finished product! Can’t wait to sit and have a glass of wine at our peninsula in the new kitchen. In the meantime… Dreaming!


Stairway to Heaven

One of the biggest motivators for renovating- besides hideous kitchen & baths & drafty windows-  was our dangerous, narrow stairs. Noah and I fell down together. Poor Lucy fell down. Sam fell down. So, before someone injured themselves beyond bruises and scrapes- a new wider stairwell joining the 2 levels is in order. And the framing has begun!