The story of my first major home renovation in San Francisco. Watch as my pink mid-century home is transformed…one choice at a time. I’ve given 100’s of clients advice on colors, what’s trending, good resale choices... and now it’s my turn. Oh, and I’ll still be helping people buy and sell homes, shuttling my kids around, and having some fun!

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Sweet Smell of…

Copper plumbing! After 3+ years of not being able to flush a toilet while someone else was showering, we so look forward to all new copper plumbing. Our old plumbing was ripped out and the new is going in. Can’t wait for our new showers with good water pressure!

The Doctor is Here

That would be the circuit Doctor! It is so comforting to see all new electrical going in especially since when they opened the ceilings they found there had been some small electrical fires with the old wiring- scary! Did a walk thru and realized we need to add 20 more outlets – life in 2016 is a wee bit different than in 1950!


Of the finished product! Can’t wait to sit and have a glass of wine at our peninsula in the new kitchen. In the meantime… Dreaming!

Stairway to Heaven

One of the biggest motivators for renovating- besides hideous kitchen & baths & drafty windows- was our dangerous, narrow stairs. Noah and I fell down together. Poor Lucy fell down. Sam fell down. So, before someone injured themselves beyond bruises and scrapes- a new wider stairwell joining the 2 levels is in order. And the framing has begun!

Open the Window

Another lesson learned! Received all of the bids for our windows and the bids range from 20-60k- wow that’s a big delta! Learning new brand names and about Title 24 energy conservation requirements. Whatever we choose- it will look better than this!

D day!

Demo day was yesterday and today. While I knew the kitchen and baths would be gone, I didn’t know it would look like this!
Wow! There’s no going back now!

Game On!

After many concessions, changes, and a reluctant agreement to sprinklers, we have the permits! I’m getting a better understanding of why so many folks do un-permitted work…although on a job this size, it would not be a good idea but the hassle and expense are significant!

Inset, overlay, oh my!

Kitchen cabinet shopping has been a bigger education than I imagined. So many more decisions about the actual construction – all I want to do is pick colors and organize the interiors! When I started the process, I thought we would choose contemporary- looks like they’ll be more classic- tbd! No matter what- it will be better than this…

Sink envy

Saw this sink at a fabulous house on broker’s tour this morning…then got a call from our architect that we have too many sinks in the house for our current water main capacity. Lose a sink? Pay 5k for upgrade? Bye bye sink!

Waiting Isn’t Easy

The pink house is empty and we are ready to demo. All we are waiting for are permits…good news is that the head of permitting waived off on the 2011 abatement issue. Hopefully no more permitting issues today. In the meantime, unpacking at “the beach house”…