The story of my first major home renovation in San Francisco. Watch as my pink mid-century home is transformed…one choice at a time. I’ve given 100’s of clients advice on colors, what’s trending, good resale choices... and now it’s my turn. Oh, and I’ll still be helping people buy and sell homes, shuttling my kids around, and having some fun!

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Avoiding Packing

With the move coming up in 2 days, I decided to buy some paint samples to help me avoid packing, yet still feeling productive.

Painting on the dining room wall we know for sure is coming down was fun…but a tough lesson for the boys to learn that they can’t paint on ALL the walls!

Hmmm…this may not have been such a good idea after all! Sampling: BM Hale Navy, Blue Note, and Newburg Green. Tried them on exterior as well and they look completely different.

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